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How Does Players Health Help me Manage Athlete Injuries?
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Players Health Injury Management


Thanks for choosing Players Health as your Injury Management tool!


By using our innovative software specifically designed for Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists, you have access to everything you need to manage an athlete’s health and safety at your fingertips.


With Players Health Injury Management, you can:


Manage athlete health and medical information:


With our software, managing athlete injury is simple. Create teams, clubs, and seasons to fit your organization’s needs, and then invite athletes or their guardians to complete essential medical information (I.e. pre-participation evaluation) that keeps your athletes safe - all in one centralized space


Document and analyze Injuries:


Using our sport-specific Injury Report, quickly collect the necessary information on an athlete’s injury - even before they leave the field. You can use the injury report to provide further documentation for a referral, and automatically keep a record of an athlete’s injury history.  Analyze injuries across an organization, helping you discover trends in Injury type, location, and time.


Track and provide individualized rehab


Every athlete deserves an individualized path to recovery. With Players Health, you can create a personalized timeline documenting past and future events, like clinician visits, physical therapy, and an estimated Return-To-Play date, ensuring that athletes and coaches alike know when to get back on the field.


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