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What if I don't want to provide my personally identifiable information (PII)?

The background screening application requires the submission of full legal name, address, date of birth and social security number. All of the required fields are marked with an asterisk. We are unable to complete the background screening if any of the required information is not provided. Player’s Health and JDP hav…

How do investigations work?

Each investigation into an alleged incident of child abuse must be unique and individualized to the client, depending on several issues including the type of alleged abuse, who the respondent is, the respondent's role in the Organization, the respondent's age, the size and scale of the incident, and cooperation and wi…

How does billing work for background screening?

[OPTION 1] Applicant Pay: Each applicant will be required to pay requisite fees to submit their application. Payment must be received prior to screen taking place. Player’s Health will offer a credit card payment option at checkout for each individual applicant. Terms: Due upon receipt via credit card payment by i…

How does billing work for abuse awareness training?

[OPTION 1] Prepaid Abuse Awareness Training Organization will prepay for training services to be provided upon signing of a contract. Any balance not used during the calendar year for training services will be carried forward as a credit toward the next calendar year’s invoice. In the event that training services ex…

Who do I reach out to if I have questions about the results of my completed background screening?

For questions, please contact the JDP Support at [(855) 940-3232][1]. You may also submit an inquiry via email to: [[email protected]][2] [1]: tel:(855) 940-3232 [2]: mailto:[email protected]

How does Background Screening by JDP differ from other checks?

Background Screening by JDP leads the industry because of the quality of service provided and the depth of the background check. Unlike most other screens, JDP will do an in-depth identity verification, search over 800 million records from the national multi-jurisdictional databases, and sex offender registry, and the…

How does billing work for investigations?

Abuse Reporting: Administrative fee for report review - $25 per report. Abuse Reporting: Investigations - $130 per hour Payment Terms: Per Incident Billing The organization will be invoiced on a per investigation basis for all services fees incurred upon completion of the investigation. Invoices will be subject to…

Will a credit check be run as a part of the background screening process?

No, a credit check will never be run with any background screen.

How long is the onboarding process?

This can vary depending on the size and needs of the organization. The Onboarding process timeline varies due to factors such as: number of coaches/athletes, which PH applications are being utilized, background screening requirements, etc.

What is the process for international screens?

For individuals who are international citizens, but have applied for a work visa, there is an FBI fingerprint and name check, as well as a security and background portion of the visa application process that must be completed and passed in order to obtain the visa. Therefore, JDP will only run a domestic check for th…

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