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Overview of the Compliance Dashboard
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As an administrator, your home away from home when prepping coaches, volunteers, etc. for the season is your compliance dashboard. You can get a snapshot of information, filter and search, as well as access any individual user's profile for more details. Below will outline the information at a high level.


There are numerous ways to view members of your organization from the dashboard. The tiles across the top of the page help you quickly get a snapshot of numbers within your organization - number of coaches, number of volunteers, how many users have completed risk requirements vs. those that are still incomplete. 




Your dashboard will reflect the numbers represented in your organization.


Below the statistics tiles, you see a variety of ways to search and filter your user information. How much you can filter will depend on the size of your organization and the level of access you have to the platform. An association administrator will be able to search by user or filter by organization and/or club within their program structure, an organization admin will be able to search by user or filter by club within their program structure, and a club admin will be able to search and view their user information.



A variety of symbols help you quickly identify information about a user's progress:


Green badge - this user is 100% current with their safety requirements; they do not have any outstanding or expired tasks to update


Red badge - this user falls into one of the following categories:


Green checkmark - this task is assigned to the user, is not expired, and they have completed it


Yellow exclamation point - this task is assigned to the user, and they have started but not yet completed it


Red X - this task is assigned to the user, but they have not yet started it


Gray question mark - this task is not assigned to the user at all


Compliance circles - this represents the overall percentage completion of ALL assigned tasks for a user




Lastly, understanding the data available is the key. 


Role - if a user is assigned only one role within Protect then it will be displayed here; if a user has more than one role then this will state "Multiple"


Incident - this will indicate if there is an open incident report or incident investigation for a user


Waiver - users may sign a Player's Health Protect waiver and/or any custom waivers that your organization requires while completing safety requirements


BG Check - you will be able to see if a background check was assigned to a user, and identify their progress for this task


Training - you will be able to see if any training(s) was assigned to a user, and identify their progress for any/all training requirements


Last Activity - this represents the last time this user logged in


Expiration - this date is the nearest date any assigned requirement will expire


Compliance - overall % progress for the user taking into account all assigned tasks





If you need further assistance, please reach out to Player's Health Support by filling out a ticket HERE, or by calling 612-345-9683. Our support hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am-10:00pm CST and Saturday-Sunday, 9:00am-6:00pm CST. 


*Live Chat hours coming soon*

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