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Accessing the Advanced Form
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Accessing the Advanced Form


As an Athletic Trainer or NSMO admin, you may access and edit the advanced form of an injury report. The Advanced form provides six sections for which to further detail your report, including the Environment, Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Files, and Plan sections.


Note: Coaches and association admins do not have access to edit the advanced form.


First Method:

You may first access the advanced form when creating the initial injury report. To do so, scroll down to the bottom of the injury report draft, and click “go to advanced form”.


Second Method:

You may also access the advanced form any time after creating an injury report.


First, locate the injury report you wish to access.

Once there, click the pencil icon next to “Manage Rehab”


You’ll be brought to the basic injury report screen. To access the advanced form, scroll down to the bottom and click “Go to Advanced form”.

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