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How to Create an Injury Report in PH Rehab
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Creating an Injury Report:

Org Admins can add an injury report for any athlete in their organization. By submitting a report, that athlete’s coach and athletic trainer will both be notified.


  1. Use the “Manage Athletes” tab to locate the athlete that you would like to add an injury report for and click on their name. 

  2. From here, click on the blue “Add Injury” button.


  1. To create a basic injury report, fill the text boxes on this page with information about the injury.

  1. To create a detailed injury report, click on the “Go to Advanced Form” button at the bottom of the page. From here, proceed through the various pages to document the environment, subjective, and objective details of the injury, as well as an assessment, upload a file, and create a treatment plan.


  1. Click “Save Changes” at any time to save your report as a draft. You can leave the page and come back to your report at any time by using the “My Injury Reports” tab.

  1. When you have finished your report, click on the “Complete Report” button at the bottom.

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