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How to View Injury Statistics in PH Rehab
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Viewing Injury Statistics:

Org Admins can view an overview of the injuries within their organization. Player’s Health Rehab makes it easy for Admins to break down statistics by many different categories in order to better understand the trends within their organization. 


  1. By navigating to the “Manage Injuries” tab Org Admins can view many things:

Narrowing down stats: Use the top section to narrow the data by club season, team, date range, in/out of season, sport-related injuries, and whether or not to display season-ending injuries.


Viewing the numbers: In the next section, “Injury Report Statistics”, Org Admins can view some numbers about the injury reports within their org based upon the selections in the previous section. Click “Get Statistics in CSV by Email” to get the injury statistics from your org sent to your email right now.


List Reports, View Return to Play: In the next section, you can see a list of the filed injury reports within your organization, and fitting the parameters you set at the top.

  1. Green indicates that that athlete has been returned to play (you can see what date they were returned to play under the “RTP” column).

  1. You may need to use the page numbers and arrows to navigate between pages of the list.

  2. You can view individual injury reports by clicking on the name of the athlete.

  3. Graphics: At the bottom of the page, Org Admins can view graphic representations of the injury reports within their organization. 

    1. Under “Injury Report Statistics”, Org Admins are able to see a bar graph of the number of injuries that have occurred: during each month, in each age group, and for each gender.


5. Click on a bar to see a list of the injury reports during the month/in that age group/for that gender.

6. Under “Top 5 Locations”, you can view a pie chart of the top 5 surfaces and locations that your athletes have been injured.



7. Click on a percentage in the chart or a location below (e.g. “11.1%” or “Gymnasium”) to view a list of the injury reports from that location.


8. Under “Top 5 Injuries”, Org Admins can see a graphic of the most commonly injured body regions of their athletes.


9. Click on a percentage, name of body region, or the body region on the graphic to see injury reports including an injury of that region.


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