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How to View an Athlete's Rehab Progress in PH Rehab
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Viewing Athletes’ Rehab Progress:

Org Admins can see an overview of the progress of their injured athletes through their return to play protocol. Using this tool, Admins can see how recovered each of their injured athletes are, and therefore what types of activity the athletes are cleared for.


  1. Navigate to the “Manage Rehab” tab. Here, you will see entries for every athlete in your organization who has had an injury reported using Player’s Health Rehab.

  2. Use the filters at the top to narrow down the list based upon a club and team.

  3. On this page, each athlete’s entry is a snapshot of information from their Player’s Health Record.

    1. The percentage indicates how recovered that athlete feels, with 100% indicating feeling absolutely normal. 

    2. The color of the pie chart indicates the level of activity that that athlete has been cleared for by a medical professional: red = no physical activity, yellow = light to moderate workouts, green = return to play

      1. The text at the bottom of each box gives further information about what that athlete is cleared to do.

  1. You can get more information about an individual athlete by clicking on their name.

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